Fire Damage

Chelonia suffered a major setback when their facility was gutted by fire in
August 2014, from a deliberate fire on the adjacent block .

Although there was no loss of any wildlife in care at the time, the shed and filtration
system used for tanks was lost. A make shift filter system was put in place with the help of Galvins and Thompson pumps as an interim measure to allow us to continue to receive injured Turtles and sea snakes during theĀ  re-construction process.
We were lucky that our bird aviaries survived the fire with no loss to any of the birds in care , as most sheltered high in the corners of aviaries away from the smoke.

With the help of the Broome community and companies throughout the Kimberleyand Pilbara we have re-built bigger and better to include a state of the art facility to care and treat wildlife.
Thanks the generous donation fromĀ  Pilbara Ports we were able to have the tanks up and running within timely fashion.
Although devastating as it was with the loss of everything within the facility and all the hard work from all our volunteers to build Chelonia wildlife to what it was , we have also looked on the bright side and have re-built to have a facility will be able to handle a larger volume of wildlife to care and release.
Kylie and Chelonia would like to thank everyone involved and helped with bringing Chelonia back from the fire ravaged ruins.